• Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge ..

    To get to the Cano Negro Refuge, we will go through a great part of the San Carlos plains enjoying the beautiful scenery of the side of the road, a great variety of fields with different products, such as: sugar cane, legumes, fruit and vegetables. Besides the broad areas for cattle breeding. Upon a..

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  • Rafting class 3/2

    A fun combination of whitewater thrills and areas where the  water is  docile enough to jump in and go for a swim. This is perfect for  a  family adventure and for beginners. Wildlife abound in this section  of  the Balsa so keep an eye out for sloths, iguanas, howler m..

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  • Zip Line in the rain forest

    The Canopy tour consists of a series of cables attached from tree to tree on which you glide along using a pulley that it’s secured to alpinism equipment (the harness). You will be enjoying the tour safely hanging facing front as you soar through the rain forest. (Although we encourage people to try..

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  • Cayoneering in Waterfalls

    Lost Canyon Adventures Canyoneering… Are you ready to go BIG!?!Canyoneering is a brand new sport that’s becoming very popular the world over! Near the Arenal Volcano, our rugged, mountainous terrain is ideal for incredible canyoneering options & huge, breathtaking waterfalls! This unique, multi-..

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  • Río Celeste (Blue river)

    This is one of the most amazing places of Costa Rica, without a doubt. Magnificent turquoise blue waters together with all the nature that surrounds it make of Rio Celeste a place to admire. Located at the skirts of the Tenorio Volcano, this river, unique in the country, astounds its visitors with ..

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  • The Venado Caves

    Going into the insides of the earth is possible in this tour. Underground trails will lead us through grottos and chambers exploring a World indifferent to Light. With flashlights to lighten up our way, we will enter into this labyrinth of ancient underground rivers and sea beds, all exposed now aft..

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